Maximizing The Student-Athlete (MTSA) is an educational program that is a resource for student-athletes to maximize their window of opportunity, while simultaneously expanding and applying their skill sets to achieve success.

We teach student-athletes how to market themselves to gain that exposure to take them to the next level. We do that by providing a consultative approach that is tailored to the individual athlete because we understand that everyone’s journey is unique in their own way.

Simplicity is our #1 difference maker and we’re dedicated to providing transparency. With our implemented systematic approach, MTSA creates a high level of overall value and eliminates the stress of uncertainty to help put athletes in the best position to find their best college options. Our priority is to help the athlete not only in sports but in life after.







"How will mtsa serve you?"

For Athletes,

No matter what scholastic stage you are in - this program will give you the roadmap to ensure you have the highest possible chance to be successful. In all phases of your journey, you will be equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be!

For Parents,

No longer are you just hoping for the best and having faith that "It'll work out somehow" for your student-athlete. This is a tried and true method to put your child in the best position to not only succeed as an athlete but as a person to be able to find success in all phases of their journey. The best part - you can take part in this program as well to stand by them on this road!

For Coaches,

We speak of accountability to it's highest regards amongst our group to create a sense of ownership for the team’s objectives. Within this program, your student-athlete will be committed to achieving these objectives, and feel personally responsible for their contribution to the team’s success. We empower student-athletes to become Leaders - building that culture!

For Schools,

Increased GPA, campus involvement, positive role model behavior are just a few things out of the many that this program can guarantee from your student-athletes. If you want to best help the student-athlete, this program will equip you with all the items necessary to have a powerful impact on your student-athlete to set them up for the rest of their lives.